10 Great Gas-Saving Tips



With gas prices so high, it’s more important than ever to find ways to get more mileage for your money. Here are 10 easy ways to improve your mileage — and your finances.

  • Use cruise control. Maintaining a constant speed improves mileage.

  • Tighten a loose gas cap. An unsealed cap allows gasoline to vaporize and can reduce your mileage by up to two miles a gallon.

  • Clean out your trunk and back seat. Extra weight takes its toll on fuel economy.

  • Consolidate trips. Instead of making several short trips around town, do all your errands at once. You’ll cut down on cold starts and help your engine run better.

  • Avoid rush hour. Idling just wastes gas.

  • Open your windows when driving in town, but use your air conditioner on the highway. Open windows create drag at speeds above 40 mph.

  • Ditch the rooftop carrier. Your car burns gas trying to overcome wind resistance.

  • Skip the warm-up. Start driving immediately. Your engine warms up faster that way.

  • Ease into stops and starts. Don’t slam on the brakes or floor the accelerator at green lights. Smooth driving not only saves fuel, it also extends the life of your brakes, transmission, and tires.

  • Keep tires properly inflated. If a tire is underinflated by just 2 pounds per square inch (psi), it increases fuel consumption by 1 percent.


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  • FC&A Staff Writer