14 Things You Never Knew Google Could Do



There's no bigger name on the Internet than Google! The word has even become a verb in the English language — "Let me Google that." 

Many people think of Google as a place to answer all of your tough questions, like “why did I get married?” and “how do I make my cat love me?” But Google can do much more than that. Park yourself at google.com and try your hand at these cool features.


1.  Define a word with the ultimate dictionary. In the search field, simply type “define:” followed by the word you want to look up. You’ll see a box with the definition of the word, how to pronounce it, its origin, and more.


2.  Set a timer for the final countdown. Just tell Google how much time you need. Your search will look something like “5 minute timer.” If it doesn’t kick off automatically, select Start to begin the visual countdown. An alarm sounds when time runs out. You can stop, reset, and even make it full-screen.


3.  Translate languages you didn’t even know existed. Search something like “translate amazing to spanish.” You have options such as translate by voice, listen, and swap languages as well as a choice of 90 languages. Or you can go straight to translate.google.com. If you want to translate a whole Web page, paste in the web address, and click on the address it spits out. If you’re on an Android phone, you don’t even need the Internet to translate.


4.  Compare food nutrition instantly. Pit your foods against each other by performing a search like “apple vs orange.” Google shows you how healthy (or not) one food is versus another with a comparison of nutritional information including calories, sugars, and vitamins.


5.  Solve math problems like a prodigy. Type in your equation. It’s as simple as “84*3/6” (* means times, / is divided by). Google displays a calculator with the answer. Plus, now you can use the calculator — even for complex equations.


6.  Calculate tips like you’re always this organized. This is especially helpful when you’re splitting the tip. Just type the bill amount like this: ”tip $25.70.” Don’t forget the dollar sign. A tip calculator figures up the tip and allows you to customize according to the amount of the bill, tip percentage, and number of people.


7.  Know a storm is coming before the first raindrop. Worried about rain for your weekend picnic? Search your local forecast, for example “weather savannah ga.” You’ll get results that show the place, day, month, temperature, and weather conditions as well as the forecast for the week.


8.  Convert units in a matter of seconds. Plug in conversions like distance and temperature. Simply type “13 miles to feet,” and you’ll see the unit conversion.


9.  Translate Roman numerals like an Italian. Easy peasy — just tell Google what you want. For example, “731 in roman.” Google replies with a box that contains the numeric number translated into Roman numerals. Translating a Roman numeral into a number is not quite as quick, but Google will provide websites to help.

10.  See what time it is anywhere in the world. Find out what time it is anywhere with Google’s world clock feature. Just search for something like “time bora bora.” The results will show the time and date of the place in question.


11.  Convert currency during your world travels. Type the currency you want to convert, for instance, “58 dollars to euros.” You’ll get a box with the currency conversion as well as an option to adjust the amount and type of currency.


12.  Monitor your flight for less hassle in your travel. Search the flight number, such as “delta 1278.” Instantly see flight details including the progress of the plane. You’ll know if it’s on-time or if you have time for another cappuccino.


13.  Be your own travel agent and journey like a local. Decide where you want to go. Google understands queries like “atlanta nashville flights.” One result will be a table of flights listed by price. Want even more info? Search at google.com/flights.


14.  Track your package so you’re always in the know. Enter your tracking number and click Search. See exactly where your package is. Whether it’s in route or hanging out at the post office, you’ll know when to expect it.



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