5 Ways to Lighten Your Load



Packing light is not only smart, but it can save you money. Airlines that once allowed two checked bags per person now charge extra for more than one, not to mention the chances that checked luggage will get lost and cost a small fortune to replace. Lighten your load the next time you travel with these tips.

  • Pack a pair of long underwear if you chill easily or are traveling in winter. They double as sleepwear, so you won’t need pajamas.

  • Roll up socks and stockings and place inside women’s shoes. Then, place the shoes in a plastic bag, and tuck them inside the men’s shoes to make the best use of suitcase space.

  • Wear your just-in-case sweater, jacket, and heaviest pants the day you travel instead of bulking up your suitcase. Airplanes tend to get cold anyway.

  • Save perfume samples from magazines and take these on trips instead of fragile perfume bottles. Do the same with shampoo and other samples. They take up less room, and you’ll avoid the mess of squeezed bottles inside your suitcase.

Take old shoes you no longer want, and throw them away at the end of your trip. Do the same with worn out undergarments and socks. Toss them after wearing.


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  • FC&A Staff Writer