7 Ways Voice Search Can Make Your Life Easier


7 Ways Voice Search Can Make Your Life Easier

Digital voice assistants are the natural progression to being able to search the Web with text searches as well as open apps and play music on your device. Here's how your new smartphone assistant can help make life a little easier. 

  1. Opening apps.  Simply say to your digital voice assistant, “Open Calendar” or “Open Calendar app,” and it should do the hard work for you.
  2. Finding restaurants. As long as Location Services are turned On on your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, your device will be able to identify your current location and show you a range of services that are nearby. For instance, ask to show the nearest Japanese restaurant, and you should be presented with a list of options of matching places nearby, complete with directions, if needed.
  3.  Checking out the weather. Just ask what the weather is like for your location to see the forecast. Refine the results by asking for a specific time or date.
  4. Playing music. Take the effort out of playing music on your device: just ask your digital voice assistant to play a certain track, and it will become your personal music presenter.
  5. Sending text messages.For digital devices, the voice assistant can be particularly useful for certain tasks when you cannot always access the keyboard. One of these is sending text messages with your voice rather than typing it. Ask your digital voice assistant to send a text message to a specific person. If they are in your address book they will be displayed. (If they have more than one number associated with them, you will be asked which one to use.) After you have spoken the message, it will appear at the top of the screen, with a prompt to send it. Just say “Send,” and that’s it, job done.
  6. Getting directions.  you are out and about, getting directions to places is a few words away with your digital voice assistant. Ask for directions to a certain location and a map will be displayed with a route that can be followed. Tap on the Go button to start following the route, which changes as you progress along it, until you get to your destination.
  7. Random queries.  All digital voice assistants have their own “personality,” depending on which company they have been produced by. In general, this has no affect on the search results, but some interesting results can be displayed if you ask random questions. For instance, ask a voice assistant about a product from a rival and it will remain loyal to its own brand, e.g. “Which is better, Apple or Google?” Voice assistants also show a certain sense of humor, depending on the question. Try asking them what they look like, or how old they are to get an idea of the particular personality for each voice assistant.


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