Bargain bonanza — 8 ways to save big at the supermarket


Bargain bonanza — 8 ways to save big at the supermarket

Swapping store-bought cleaners for baking soda can save you hundreds of dollars, but don’t let the savings stop there. Generic baking soda is just as good as the name-brand stuff, and it’s much cheaper. The same goes for most other pantry staples, too. If you buy the right brands and follow these tips, you can trim $50 to $150 a month off your grocery bill — without cutting back on food.

  • Make sure the price is right. Learn how much common items usually cost, so you know a good deal when you see it. Pay attention to the price per unit to more effectively compare prices.
  • Bend for bargains. Stores put the most popular and expensive items at eye level. Stoop to check out the bottom shelves and get the best deals.
  • Time it right. Shop on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, when supermarkets run most of their specials and stores are less crowded.
  • Scale back. Ask the store to break up bunches of produce so you can buy a smaller amount. Don’t pay for more than you will eat.
  • Walk past gimmicks. Supermarkets display items at the ends of aisles to make you think they are a special deal. They’re usually not.
  • Shop seasonally. When markets have an abundance of certain foods, prices drop.
  • Get inside tips. Chat with your grocers. You may find out about special deals from stocking clerks, butchers, and store managers.
  • Double-check at checkout. Watch the register and check receipts. Mistakes can happen. A checker may scan an item twice or the sale price may not ring up.

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