Your Phone Could Be a Life-Saver!




You’re walking down the street when you start feeling tightness in your chest. Then your head gets fuzzy. The next thing you know, the world is fading to black.

You’re having a medical emergency ... surrounded by strangers. Someone calls 911.

But if you’re unconscious, how can the first responders find out your medical history or who to contact on the way to the hospital? That’s why your life could depend on setting up a Medical ID on your iPhone. Here’s how ...

Tap the Health app icon

Tap “Continue” under “My info”

Tap Medical ID > Create Medical ID

Turn on “Show When Locked” slider

Fill in the info

Tap Next, then Done

From your lock screen, medical professionals can simply tap Emergency > Medical ID to read your health information.

Caution: If your phone is stolen, thieves could access this info, but it may be worth the risk if it might save your life!



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  • FC&A Staff Writer