Yogurt helps you lose belly fat



An article in the International Journal of Obesity says yogurt can help you lose weight — especially those hard-to-handle love handles — faster than cutting calories alone. In fact, yogurt eaters in the study lost 81 percent more belly fat than non-yogurt eaters.

And there’s more good news.

One group lost 61 percent more body fat — not important lean muscle mass — and 22 percent more weight just by trimming their calories and eating six ounces of fat-free yogurt three times a day.

Start making yogurt your between-meal snack. Try the thick, spoonable kind or a liquid yogurt drink. They both can leave you feeling fuller and more satisfied than fruit juice or other dairy drinks. They can even tide you over better between meals and help you cut back on less-healthy snacks.


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Plus, building yogurt into your weight-loss plan will give you the calcium you need to keep your bones strong. Women tend to lose bone density while losing weight, perhaps because they cut back on dairy products in an effort to cut calories. Unfortunately, cutting calories also seems to limit the amount of calcium you absorb.

The solution — make low-fat and fat-free yogurt part of your diet plan. Women who got between 1,000 and 1,800 milligrams of calcium daily while dieting did not lose bone mass, compared to other weight-watchers. Eight ounces of low-fat yogurt provides you with 448 milligrams of calcium, almost half the low end of what you need.

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