Sitting Pretty on a Fixed Income: 1,001 Personal Finance Secrets for Seniors

If you want to maximize your Social Security payouts, minimize your taxes, get the most from Medicare, and pay less for everything, then you need Sitting Pretty on a Fixed Income: 1,001 Personal Finance for Seniors, an informative new book just released to the public by FC&A Publishing® in Peachtree City, Georgia.

Sitting Pretty on a Fixed Income

You'll be amazed at how you can save money on hospital bills and prescriptions, lower your utility bills, spend less on groceries, and so much more!

  • The top 5 things that folks on a fixed income can do to cut their expenses!
  • More than 2 million seniors qualify, but don't take advantage. Save $529 each year!
  • First-rate groceries at discount prices! Retailer secret can save you 30% more.
  • 10 ways to lower the amount due on your medical bills!
  • The tax credit that's so hush-hush, 70% of folks don't even know it exists!


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