Sitting Pretty on a Fixed Income:

Personal Finance Secrets for Seniors

What You Should


Put in Your Will!

Minimize your taxes, get FREE prescriptions,

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We've all been told early in life to save for retirement, but what's the best way to save while living on a fixed income? Retirement living is a huge financial step. Get the latest tips and secrets to get the most out of your money for retirement. In our newest book, Sitting Pretty on a Fixed Income: Personal Finance for Seniors, you'll discover senior discounts, money saving tips, and savvy know-how to upgrading your social security benefits and tax breaks. Worried about outliving your income? Well, worry no more, because Sitting Pretty on a Fixed Income: Personal Finance for Seniors will give you the peace of mind and expert know-how you need to get the most out of your nest egg.  


There are plenty of websites and books out there to help you, so why this one? It's simple. There's no need to sift through incorrect, half-baked answers—we've done the hard work for you—with this easy-to-read, complete guide to personal finance for seniors. Here at FC&A, we're honored to have sold over 28 million copies of our best-selling, non-fiction, self-help publications—and we're just getting started! Our mission is to improve the lives of every person we touch, one book at a time. We strive to continue our 45 years of tradition with our latest finance book. So, buy it today and start living the life of your dreams!

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Real Words from Real People

"I have learned more from this book than I thought I would. Things that can save me money for years to come. It was easy to read and to understand. I would recommend it to all who are seniors and to all who are going to be seniors soon. It is great for younger folks who want a guide to their older years."

— Ronald from MD.