The New Senior's Guide to Computers, Internet, and Cellphones

We live in a golden age of technology. This is a statement that can probably be claimed by any generation – we all think that we are always living at the peak of technological development. However, with the pace of change in the world of computing and digital technology – with new devices, new gadgets, new apps, and new operating systems – almost every year could be described as a new golden age!


Just because digital technology is moving so fast does not mean that you have to let it leave you behind. It is easy for anyone to take command of their digital devices and use them to enhance and improve their lives in numerous ways. All it takes is a bit of confidence, and the information in this book, and you will soon feel that you are at the forefront of the digital revolution.


Want to keep in touch with friends and family, stay protected from hackers, and learn how to find anything on the Internet? It's easier than you think with our newest book, The New Senior's Guide to Computers, Internet, and Cellphones. Then this is exactly what you need to help you make sense of the technology in your life. Easy-to-read and understand, this step-by-step guide will help you steer clear of identity thieves, save money on everything from cable TV to cellphones, keep your computer running fast, learn the ins and outs of email, and so much more. Keep this easy-to-use manual by your side to use every day!


There's So Much More Inside Than Just How-to's...


  • • How to keep your personal information from being broadcast all over the Internet.

  • • "Delete" doesn't always do it. how to wipe your private information off your computer for good.

  • • Be a great Facebook communicator with this ONE thing.

  • • Flame War: find out what it is and how to avoid it.

    • Smart ways to share posts, tag pics, and pick friends.

  • • How carrying your smartphone can help you lose weight.

  • • Apps that help take the strain out of exercise.

  • • FREE health information and advice.Have access to top health experts 24 hours a day.