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If you’d like to discover how to eat better, live healthier, and fight back against the effects of aging — all with foods available at your nearest grocery store — then you need Grandma’s Miracle Food Fixes, an informative new book just released to the public by FC&A Medical Publishing® in Peachtree City, Georgia.


You’ll be amazed to learn the 9 foods proven to ease joint pain, the fat-burning foods that

flatten your belly, the one-two punch in the battle against dementia, plus the one essential

nutrient your body needs to stay strong as you get older! And that’s just the beginning!

The authors provide many health tips with full explanations.

  • • The delicious all-purpose health food you should eat daily!
  • • Deadly belly fat is the first to go when you do this one thing.
  • • A one-two punch in the battle against dementia. These foods work together!
  • • Arthritis: 13 foods proven to ease joint pain. They also increase mobility.
  • • The two most promising foods in cancer prevention. Are you getting enough?
  • • One fruit fights high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and cancer. Cuts your risk of dementia by over 75%!
  • • This common herb inhibits cancers, prevents vision loss, and even lowers blood sugar.
  • • One delicious, nutrition-packed food that you’re probably not eating!
  • • 3 fabulous fat-burning foods. Eat these and watch the pounds melt away!
  • • Give your brain the nutrients it needs for a better memory. Don’t let your brain deteriorate when you can easily power it up.
  • • Is it possible to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar without expensive drugs? The experts say yes.
  • • The single most important thing to do to maintain healthy skin, hair, nails, body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure!
  • • Add just 1/2 tablespoon of this to your daily diet and you could lose pounds of belly fat and add lean muscle!
  • • 5 delicious foods that contain a powerful nutrient that protects your brain, helps prevent Alzheimer’s, and boosts your memory.
  • • King of the nuts! Its nutritional benefits tower above peanuts, pecans, pistachios, macadamias ... even almonds!
  • • Want a sharper brain as you get older? This Japanese beverage lowered risk of brain impairment by 54% in folks over 70!
  • • Two foods you want to have in your diet to decrease the inflammation that causes arthritis and gout.
  • • Keeping your brain sharper as you age may be as simple as eating more of these foods.
  • • Grow stronger, thicker hair with this natural beauty staple. You don’t put it on your hair — you eat it! (It’s delicious!)
  • • A slimmer body, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, stable blood sugar, even reduced risk of cancer and Alzheimer’s — from the no-diet way of eating!
  • • This vegetable seems to prevent 8 different kinds of cancer. How to cleanse your system and help it to win the battle against diseases.
  • • This fruit will help you maintain strong bones even in old age.
  • • Fatigue, poor memory, depression, and weight gain are just a few symptoms caused by thyroid disease. What to eat to keep your thyroid healthy.
  • • Keep arteries slick as a whistle with 5 delicious, low-cost foods!
  • • A nut that protects your arteries, prevents blood clots, and reduces inflammation!
  • • The one nutrient your body must have to stay strong as you age.
  • • Which fruit has the highest level of antioxidants ... those tumor and blood clot fighters?
  • • Drinking this popular beverage every day could make you 65% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s or other dementias.
  • • Eat this for just one week and lower “bad” cholesterol, while actually boosting “good” cholesterol!
  • • Makes cancer cells self-destruct! You may have some in your kitchen right now!
  • • Ease the aches and stiffness of rheumatoid arthritis by making sure you’re eating foods loaded with this essential mineral.
  • • The everyday drink that could be lowering your risk of dying from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and more!
  • • The vegetable that lowers blood pressure just like pills!
  • • 5 all-star artery-clearing foods that hit cholesterol right out of the ballpark.
  • • Is eating too much of this food a fast track to dementia? You bet! See the foods you should avoid to keep your brain healthy.
  • • Don’t just feel younger ... be younger, too. Foods proven to slow premature aging.
  • • Eat this breakfast favorite for dinner, and you’ll sleep better at night! It even calms restless leg syndrome and painful leg cramps.
  • • Astonishing healing with vinegar, honey, olive oil, and other common household products.

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