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"I'm just not cut out for a nursing home!"

Dear Customer,


      I have nothing against nursing homes.IL cover


      In fact, I have friends and family members who are glad they made that choice.  


      But I've decided that I want to stay in my home as long as I possibly can.


      My husband Frank agrees with me.


      Odds are you want to stay in your home, too — even if it means finding someone to help you in your later years. 


      If you are like me, and you want to stay in your home, then you need Independent for Life: How to Stay Healthy, Keep Active, and Live WellInto Your 90s and Beyond, our new step-by-step guidebook to aging in place. We walk you through all the medical, financial, and emotional decisions you'll face if you want to say "no" to a nursing home.


      For example, you'll learn ...

  • The one thing you MUST do to continue living in your own home as you age. And there's free help to do it! Page 131.
  • This simple movement can keep your joints flexible and decrease your risk of falls. Page 328.
  • The first thing you should do if you are considering an in-home caregiver for yourself or a loved one. Page 146.
  • What every older American should drink every day to protect their memory. It’s delicious! Page 316.
  • The 3 most important things you can do to stay healthy and independent for life! Page 162.


      Independent for Life explains how you can afford to stay in your own comfortable, safe surroundings.


      Plus, it’s loaded with healthy tips and smart ideas for protecting your independence.

Plan Now, While Youre Still Healthy!

      Take a look at this checklist, and make sure you’ve thought about these potential issues.


      Any one of them could determine whether you’re able to stay in your home as you grow older ...  

  • Medical history. (Any chronic illnesses?)
  • Mental sharpness. (Any signs of decline?)
  • Financial status. (Can you afford it?)
  • Support system. (Who could you call in an emergency?)
  • Health and legal documents (Power of attorney, etc.)

          Of course, it’s best to discuss all of these angles with your loved ones now, when you’re healthy, and before you’re facing an immediate decision.

      We give you all the crucial information you need to know about these topics and many others in our new book, Independent for Life.  

  • How to fight off frailty as you age. Staying strong and healthy may be easier than you think! Page 345.
  • CAUTION! Six things you can’t give away in a will! Page 126.
  • 4 things that SHOULD be in your safe-deposit box right now! Page 128.
  • Whats the single strongest positive predictor of longevity and vitality? What you should be doing now to keep healthy and happy as you age. Page 162.
  • The most important documents you need to protect your estate. Why a will is simply not enough! Page 176.

Keep Your Memory Sharp As a Tack ...

The Secret to Staying Mentally Alert As You Age!


"I was really struggling on Social Security. I am truly amazed at the savings I found in your publication. I now have money at the end of each month! Thank you!"

Catherine S., Natick, MA


"I find it very informative and easy to read and understand."

John C., Mississauguga, Ontario


"It is good to know that there is someone who can understand the needs and anxieties of seniors like me. I appreciate you and God bless."

Carmelita A., Torrance, CA


"I actually got the money to pay cash for a new car and I never have to pay a dime."

Geraldine P., GA

      A key part of staying independent is staying healthy and mentally sharp.


      And we can help you do that!


      Independent for Life will give you the information you need to keep your bones and joints in good shape to maintain your mobility ... preserve your vision to read or drive your car ... and so much more!


      Just look at some of THESE natural healing
secrets ...

  • Keep your eyesight sharp into your 90s! Eating the foods listed here could cut your risk of degenerative eye disease nearly in half. Page 305.
  • Beat high blood pressure without prescription drugs and their nasty side-effects. Simple steps to a longer life. Page 273.
  • 10 easy tips for sound and restful sleep every night. Page 77.
  • This common mineral fights forgetfulness, high blood pressure, weak bones, and more! Page 333.

Prevent Falls by Making Your Home Safer!

      If you fall and injure yourself, it can be devastating for your independence.


      That’s why a few basic safety upgrades are essential if you plan to stay at home as you age.


      As you’ll learn in Independent for Life, installing grab bars near toilets and tubs should be one of your first changes.


      And it’s always a good idea to remove clutter and even throw rugs that could cause someone to trip and fall.


      More expensive and complex jobs might include widening doorways and installing ramps for wheelchairs, installing more accessible appliances, and replacing old doorknobs with lever handles.


      For more home safety tips, consider these great ideas ...

  • If you're over 65, you need to know these 8 tips for preventing falls. Find out why! Page 130.
  • Falls are the #1 cause of fatal injuries among seniors. Find out which shoes reduce your risk — and which are the most dangerous! Page 130.
  • 3 simple ways to be SAFE & SECURE in your home. No-cost security measures you can do today! Page 141.
  • Theres more help than ever for seniors who want to live out their golden years — safely — in their own home. Here’s where to turn. Page 131.
  • The ONE tip that can help you maintain your ability to perform everyday tasks — even if you suffer from ARTHRITIS! Page 327.

How to Make Your Money Last!

      Lots of seniors worry about their savings. But it’s even more important to control expenses.


      The good news is, most people spend a lot less than they expect once they’ve stopped working.


      In fact, reducing costs could make it even easier to enjoy your later years in your own home, instead of in a nursing home!

      Why? Because, with more money in the bank, you can afford the in-home care you need — should it be necessary — which is often cheaper than paying expensive nursing home costs.


      To help you save money wherever you can, Independent for Life includes some valuable secrets on CUTTING everyday costs, AVOIDING unnecessary expenses, and SAVING money in unexpected ways ...

  • Never pay property taxes again. Seniors throughout half the nation are eligible. Are you? Page 113.
  • What every senior deserves to know — how to maximize your Social Security, minimize your taxes, get the most from Medicare, and pay less for everything! Find them throughout the entire book!
  • How to get the best deals on groceries, prescriptions, restaurants, and more! Find them throughout the entire book!
  • Ingenious (and FREE) way to find in-home care for the elderly. Page 149.
  • Pay less every month on groceries! These money-saving tips could save you up to $1000 a year! Page 34.

Paying for Healthcare

      While most expenses will go down as you get older, we all know that healthcare costs always seem to climb higher.


      Independent for Life, can help with that, too!


      For starters, be sure to review your Medicare plans and supplements every year, to make sure you’ve chosen the right plan and that you’re getting the MOST for your money.


      Also, always be on the lookout for ways to save on your prescriptions.


      It often pays to shop around instead of using the same pharmacy all the time.


      And double-check your medical bills for mistakes: You’ll be surprised by how many billing errors you find.


      Plus, follow these smart tips ...

  • If youre over 62, you maybe eligible for a plan that could put thousands of dollars in your pocket now ... that you’ll never have to pay back! Page 16.

  • Making sense of Medicaid and Medicare. How to find out what you’re entitled to. Page 192.

  • Dangerous prescriptions! One in five seniors are prescribed drugs that could be harmful to them! Is yours on the list? Page 104.

  • Imagine! 50 ... 75 ... even 100% off your hospital bill! You can’t afford NOT to know this! Page 230.

  • Themust-drinkjuice for anyone over 50! It’s shown to improve brain function and mood even in people with early memory problems. Page 316.

Do you want to beIndependent For Life”?

     IL cover

      All of this invaluable information, and all of these great tips, can be yours just four easy payments of only $8 each, plus a nominal fee for shipping and handling.


      Order Independent for Life: How to Stay Healthy, Keep Active, and Live WellInto Your 90s and Beyond right now and get ready to take control of your health and enhance your daily life.


      There’s no risk!  


      If you decide it’s not for you, just return the book for a full refund if you’re not 100% pleased.


      But I’m not done yet ...

Special FREE Bonus!

      All orders placed through this special offer will receive a FREE Bonus gift: “Be Prepared: Over 67 Safety and Security Secrets for Seniors.”


      So, don’t wait — order right away!


      I look forward to hearing from you!


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