Life Really Does Begin After Retirement!

If you want to enjoy carefree retirement, get all the senior discounts you’re entitled to, make the most of Social Security, reduce your medical costs, and slash your taxes, you need The Retirement Survival Guidebook. You’ll learn how to maximize your Social Security check, save on monthly energy bills, get the lowest price on prescription drugs, and avoid financial scams.


Enjoy a carefree financial future with the expert advice and practical tips we’ve uncovered to help you live well on a fixed income.  


We’ve uncovered great ways to trim your grocery bill without buying less food, grow your savings like crazy, prevent identity theft, and make more money — quickly and easily — even after you retire! Stop worrying and start saving today!

  • • How to get a steady cash flow for seniors — the secret to living well on a fixed income! Page 6.
  • • The 3 most overlooked Social Security benefits! Page 314.
  • • Lower temps usually mean higher utility bills. Not this year! How to save up to $100 a month on energy bills! Page 36.
  • • Get many grocery items for pennies ... or even for FREE! Discover the secret grocery stores hope you never learn. Page 41.
  • • Know the LAW! Many may ask but only these three must know your Social Security number. Page 318.
  • • Seniors, get special offers and discounts — just because you’re over 50! Page 44.
  • • How a simple trust can take 50% of your estate out of the government’s hands and into your loved ones’. Page 342.
  • • Forget monthly satellite or cable bills. Pay this ONCE and watch TV FOREVER — including shows you’d never otherwise see! Page 33.
  • • Dental care you can afford! This little-known government program does what Medicare can’t. Page 183.
  • • Don’t pay for prescription drugs — get them free! Page 179.
  • • Slash your property taxes! Little-known strategy shows you how. Page 266.
  • • 9 documents you should NEVER destroy! Page 13.
  • • Your taxes paid for it ... get FREE info and assistance with retirement, Social Security, taxes, prescriptions, veterans’ benefits, and more at this site just for seniors. Page 312.
  • • Outfox a fox … don’t save your money the “traditional” way! What bankers don’t want you to know. Page 85.
  • • Stop telemarketers from calling, for good — you won’t learn this from a salesman! Page 37.
  • • Would you like an extra $300 ... $500 ... even $1000 a month? 17 moneymakers you can do in your spare time — and 3 you shouldn’t waste your time on. Page 6.
  • • Your will is not enough! To ensure your heirs don’t lose valuable assets, you also have to create ONE simple list. Learn what to include, where to keep it, and who to tell. Page 326.
  • • Organize your financial records the easy way! What to keep, what to toss, and where to put it all. Page 13.
  • • Making sense of Medicaid and Medicare. How to find out what you’re entitled to. Page 163.
  • • The 12 keys to making your car last practically a lifetime ... and not one of them is difficult or expensive! Page 17.

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