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In a nutshell, treat the information on this site, and in products sold on this site, the way you would treat information you read in a newspaper or magazine — that is, with the understanding that just because the information is reported or explained, this does not mean that the publisher agrees with, recommends, or advocates it.

FC&A does not perform medical studies, or provide financial services, or engage in product testing, or anything of the sort. Our purpose is simply to provide the general public with information regarding the opinions, research, and experiences of others. In fact, at times we may report the opinions of experts who disagree about controversial topics, undecided issues, or other matters of opinion, in order to provide our readers with all sides of a story.

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FC&A publishes the opinions of experts in many fields, as well as case histories, anecdotes, traditional lore, and opinions of experienced laypersons, which are intended FOR A GENERAL AUDIENCE FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. No other purpose is expressed or implied.

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Always consult a competent professional for answers to your specific questions. Never disregard professional advice or delay or avoid obtaining it because of something you read on this site, or in products advertised or sold on this site.



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