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4 Things Every Senior Deserves to Know!

Dear Customer,

    Everyone deserves a secure retirement!

    Whether you’ve spent your working years on the job or raising a family — you’ve earned it!

    But now, too many tax-paying Americans fear being left out in the cold ... through no fault of their own!

    Looking at our own retirement, Gayle and I were flooded with choices ... about Social Security, insurance, our wills, our home — and oh, the paperwork!

    But now we know there are scads of short-cuts, hidden benefits, and little-known ways to make money during retirement.

    So, Gayle said, “Frank, you have to put all these secrets into ONE book!”

    And that’s why I wrote The Fixed Income Answer Book for Seniors.

    It’s my new step-by-step guidebook to help you make the most of your money, regardless of your age or income.

    For example, you’ll learn how to ...

  • Upgrade your monthly Social Security check to a higher amount! Little-known provision on page 34.
  • Have the power company PAY YOU! Page 225.
  • Stolen identity can destroy your life! Page 130 gives the #1 way to put the freeze on ID thieves!
  • Don’t pass up these senior discounts. 4 great money-savers you may not know about! Page 351.
  • A government offer that can eliminate your property taxes?? Yes! How to get in on the deal, page 217.

     The Fixed Income Answer Book for Seniors is full of discounts that you can use during every month of the year — discounts that could total up to $25,000!


Can You Really Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half!

    Yes, if you know the sneaky secrets that grocery stores take advantage of!


    In fact, 50% to 67% of all grocery purchases are “impulse buys” — stuff that folks don’t really want or need.


    I’ll show you how the stores lure you in, and how to steer clear of their traps!


    We give you all the crucial information you need to know about these topics and many others in The Fixed Income Answer Book for Seniors.

  • Prescription eyeglasses for just 8 bucks? Get them no matter where you live! Page 177.
  • The simple secret that will keep most cars on the road for 200,000 miles! Page 312.
  • The freebenefits checkup” that can tell you ALL the benefits your tax dollars entitle you to! Page 161.
  • How to avoid paying taxes on Social Security benefits. What the government doesn’t tell you! Page 38.
  • When you should never write checks with a pen! No joke — it could cost your life savings! Page 128.

Supermarket loyalty programs grant you an immediate discount off a product’s regular price. One shopper saved $8.80 on her $127 bill without even trying — just by buying the store’s promotional items. Check the bottom half of your receipt to find your exact savings each time you shop.

Are You Sure Your Savings Will Last as Long as You Do?

    There are money blunders that almost everyone makes, but you can’t “follow the herd” when the stakes are this high!


    I’ve looked everywhere and I guarantee — you won’t find another single source that will tell you everything from unraveling the secrets of Social Security to the safest, tax-free investment out there!


    Read The Fixed Income Answer Book for Seniors and you’ll get little-known expert information you can start using right away!


    Just look at some of THESE money-saving secrets ...


  • Medicare will pay100%! Don’t overlook these FREE services! Page 147.
  • What NEVER to put in your will — by the time the will is read, it’ll be too late! Page 108.
  • Thesenior discount” the taxman won’t tell you about: Secret deduction for only those 65+! Page 66.
  • Never pay full price for a hotel room. Know who to call and what to ask, to get up to 50% off. Page 357.
  • Cut your car insurance costs by as much as 50%! Turn to page 304.

Identity Theft Can Make Your Life Miserable!

    Last year, over 16 million Americans had their identities stolen — and it cost them an average of $4,849 a pop!


    Some lost much more.


    What’s worse, 70% of all fraud is targeted directly at seniors. But you and your family don’t ever have to be victims!


    Starting on page 130 of The Fixed Income Answer Book for Seniors, you’ll learn the surprising #1 source of this crime, plus the 4 sure-fire clues that someone has stolen your identity and the steps that will save your credit.

This information alone could be worth thousands of dollars!

But it doesn’t end there, not by a long shot ...

  • Save hundreds on your energy bill ... with a spray can! Page 18.
  • Your living will: 3 things you MUST include, on page 112.
  • Coupon-users’ secret that could save you hundreds! (They don’t want you to know this one!) Page 267.

No. 1 way to combat relentless robocalls


    It’s not just you. Everybody is flooded with robocalls — those automated, prerecorded messages delivered to your phone.

Nearly 48 billion robocalls were made in the U.S. last year. That adds up to 12 calls per person each month, although some people get lots more.


    Of course, robocalls can be valuable — think notifications of school closures or flight cancellations. But the majority are from scammers and telemarketers who might, for example, claim that you owe the IRS money or offer you a “free” cruise that really comes with a high price.


    You can cut down the number of legitimate sales calls you receive by registering your phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry. Call 888-382-1222 or visit But that won’t stop illegal robocallers from trying to contact you. So don’t pick up calls from numbers you don’t recognize. Let them go to voicemail. If you mistakenly answer a robocall, don’t give out any personal information.

  • Where to find the BEST BUYS at the grocery store! Plus, a shopping secret that will shock you! Page 273.
  • Medicare is writing $1,000 checks to the good guys. How to claim yours! Page 152.
Retire on a Shoestring and Still Have Fun!

    Keep your home ... stretch your pension ... find new friends ... get all the benefits you’re entitled to ... take time to travel ... even make money with your hobby or part-time work.


    But please, don’t find yourself a few years down the road miserable and muttering “Why didn’t I?”


    Take this opportunity to use all of the tips in The Fixed Income Answer Book for Seniors.


      It won’t even cost you the price of a stamp — and I’ll send you a free gift just for looking!

  • 17 things credit card companies hope you NEVER find out! Page 86.
  • Finallya simple explanation for everything Medicare and Medicaid. No bureaucrat-speak or lies. Page 151.
  • Five types of documents you MUST ALWAYS destroy to protect your identity and money! Page 127.
  • Seniors: Get the tax breaks you deserve! Page 217.
  • Over 65? 3 common medical services you should NEVER EVER pay for! Why? Because they’re FREE! Page 147.



Here’s How This Book Can Help You.

These stories from some of our customers show how information

in our books has changed their lives ...


(You can obtain a copy of the original letters which are kept on file at our FC&A facility.

In some cases, names, places, and other such personal information may be changed to

ensure the privacy of our customers. Individual results may vary.)


I actually got the money to pay cash for a new car and I never have to pay back a dime.”

— Geraldine P., Morrow, GA



“Great stuff! I was able to use one idea which saved me 10 times the cost of the book!”

— Don F., Marco Island, FL



“I read where I could save on my property taxes by almost half. This alone has saved me several hundred dollars.”

— Madge B., Seattle, WA


Are You Ready to Live Well on a Fixed Income?

     The Fixed Income Answer Book for Seniors


    All of this valuable information, and all of these great tips, can be yours for just four easy payments of $8 each, plus a nominal fee for shipping and handling.


    Order The Fixed Income Answer Book for Seniors right now and get ready to take control of your money and enhance your daily life.


    I think you’ll agree, you can’t afford not to have this book!


    And best of all, there’s no risk!  


    Just mark cancel on the bill, return the book, and owe nothing if you’re not 100% pleased.


    But I’m not done yet ...

    All orders placed through this special offer will receive a FREE Bonus gift: “101 Ways to Slash Your Spending.”


    So, don’t wait — order right away!


    I look forward to hearing from you!


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