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Pain Relief Rub® is a best-selling cream that has been used for over 20 years to relieve pain from arthritis, backaches, bruises, and sprains.



• Get fast relief from muscle aches due to arthritis, back pain, shoulder pain, bruises, sprains, and burns.

• It’s not too hot or too cold. No freezing or hot sensations on your skin. Just balanced pain relief.

• No overpowering odor or greasy residue on your skin.

• It softens your skin while soothing it.

• With 4 MILLION jars sold, we have many, many happy customers.

"I sit at a desk all day, working at a computer, and I have constant neck pain which develops into headaches. I just put some Pain Relief Rub® on the back of my neck, rub it in, and the neck pain is gone. It’s AMAZING! Just a tiny dab did the trick, too!"

— Shea M., Gainesville, TX

Delivers Pain Relief Right to the Source!

What makes Frank K. Wood's Pain Relief Rub® so effective? It's not just that it's full of skin-loving ingredients. You see, the active pain reliever binds with molecules in the cream base that are small enough to make it past the lipid layer and down to your muscles and joints — where your pain is!

Other creams have larger molecules that can't make it deep enough and simply mask your pain with hot or cold sensations. That's why if you haven't tried Frank K. Wood's Pain Relief Rub, you don't really know how effective a pain cream can be.

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