Country Doctor’s Kitchen Secrets Handbook 2, The

Product Description

Unlock a brand-new world of wellness in The Country Doctor’s Kitchen Secrets Handbook 2! This sequel to one of our best-sellers reveals the latest and greatest powerhouse foods and nutrients for your health. The pages are jam-packed with natural healers like apples, garlic, and honey. Plus, scores of other humble foods scientifically proven to lower your blood pressure, sharpen your memory, control your blood sugar, melt your belly fat, and more! You’ll be amazed at the remedies hiding in your very own kitchen. Uncover the secrets of your cabinets, refrigerator, spice rack, and pantry to discover ways to lower your risk of stroke, prevent cancer, relieve your arthritis pain, and so much more!

Hard Cover ISBN:  978-1935574965

384 pages

$ 36.00