Country Doctor’s Kitchen Secrets Handbook, The

Product Description

You won’t believe what’s in your very own kitchen! Powerhouse foods like oatmeal, cinnamon, vinegar —even bananas! — are part of a shopping list that can turn your health around.

Heart disease, cancer, and stroke alone claim more than 1 million Americans every year — but the good news is that your kitchen is already stockpiled with healing foods … IF you know where to look for ’em!

Thumb through this informative guide and you’ll soon be poking around in your cabinets, refrigerator, spice rack, and pantry to find the perfect foods to heal arteries, flatten bellies, boost brain power, and much more!

Hard Cover ISBN: 978-1-935574-42-2

Soft Cover ISBN: 978-1-935574-34-7

384 pages

$ 12.99