The Kitchen Table Book 2

Product Description

Readers captivated by the best-selling book, The Kitchen Table Book, can’t wait to get their hands on The Kitchen Table Book 2.  Packed with NEW kitchen discoveries, NEW medical breakthroughs, NEW healthy know-hows, and NEW money-saving secrets, this book is just what you need to solve many health and household problems.

You’ll be amazed at all the tips and tricks just waiting to be discovered, like the 9 foods proven to get rid of joint pain! You’ll see how to get many grocery items for pennies ... or even FREE! And you will love the best way to flatten your belly while strengthening your back (It’s much easier than sit-ups!). Improve your health and boost your bottom line with this ONE amazing book!


  • The #1 food for reducing your cholesterol. Side effect: A slimmer waist!              Page 31.
  • Better sleep leads to longer life! Simple tips for getting a great night’s sleep—without drugs! Page 112.
  • Amazing but TRUE! Just 2 servings a week fight depression, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, AND cancer! Page 122.
  • Supermarket bonanza — 14 ways to trim your grocery bills by $50 to $150 a month without cutting on food. Page 28.
  • The 8 most useful items in your home ... that nearly everyone tosses out!           Page 94.

372 pages

Hard Cover ISBN: 978-1935574644

$ 32.00