Super Life, Super Health Engagement Calendar - 2018

Product Description

Busy week ahead AND trying to stay healthy? No problem! Say good-bye to overwhelmed and hello to organized with our 2018 Super Life, Super Health Engagement Calendar.


Easy-to-use, and easy-to-read, our weekly, 14-month engagement calendar helps you keep track of important dates, events and everyday reminders.  Getting organized and staying healthy has never been easier! With large print and plenty of room to write life’s important details, you’ll never miss another appointment, birthday, or anniversary again.


You’ll love the weekly health tips and secrets like...

  • Easy ways to pick the right diet foods.
  • 6 tactics to tame stress.
  • How to protect your home from unwanted accidents.
  • PLUS, encouraging quotes to keep you going all week long.


Let 2018 be the year for Super Life, Super Health, and a Super You!

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