Computers, Internet and Cellphones Made Easy for Seniors

Product Description

Must-See Computer and Internet Secrets
Everyone Should Know!


Computers, Internet, and Cellphones Made Easy for Seniors: Your Step-by-Step Guidebook to Stay Connected, Protect Your Privacy, and Save Money is packed with new secrets to staying secure, keeping in touch, finding what you need on the Internet, and so much more ...

  • Where you should NEVER use your debit card ... it can be like handing thieves the keys to your bank account!
  • “Delete” doesn’t always do it. How to wipe your private information off your computer for good.
  • Top 10 tips and tricks that will make your computer faster, give you more memory, and ... make it more secure.
  • Simple trick to make your cellphone’s battery charge last much longer. No reason not to do it!
  • 7 basic keystrokes everyone should use (but few even know about!)

Are you concerned about privacy and security on your computer and the Internet? 

That’s why our new book, Computers, Internet, and Cellphones Made Easy for Seniors, includes ... over 300 pages of important information to help YOU (your money, personal info, and medical history) stay safe and secure.

Hard Cover ISBN: 978-1935574651

384 pages

$ 32.00