Super Tips for Sorting Through Your Pantry


Round up outdated food. All expiration dates aren’t created equal. Foods with a “use by” date must be used before that date to ensure peak flavor and quality. Foods with a “sell by” date or no date must be cooked or frozen within a certain number of days after purchase. The following list tells how many days each food should last in a refrigerator set below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Amanda Metoff

Simple Solutions for A Strong Skeleton

Bone health becomes more and more important as you age, especially because people reach their peak bone mass in their 30s and then gradually lose mass as time goes on. To keep your bones strong and avoid injury, follow these tips:

  • Amanda Metoff

Pamper Your Brain for an Ageless Memory

Ever had a great idea you forgot almost right away? Not surprisingly, it can happen more often as you grow older. You can keep your memory strong at any age by following a few basic tips:
  • Amanda Metoff

Tricks to Solve Your Tummy Trouble

Food that tastes good isn’t necessarily good for your digestive system. Here’s what to avoid — and what to welcome — to keep your tummy happy.

  • Amanda Metoff

Stop Ulcers with this Tiny Berry!

CRANBERRIES ... yes this yummy fruit can do wonders for you. This native berry was used by North American Indians as food and medicine for the treatment of bladder and kidney diseases. In recent years, its health benefits have been explored and confirmed through scientific research.

  • FC&A Staff Writer