7 Ways to Keep Hackers and Spies Out of Your Smartphone

Do you realize your cellphone can be "hacked," in some cases more easily than your home computer? It's true. Here's how to protect your privacy, your security, even your bank account from malicious phone pirates.

Herbs for health: 13 easy-to-grow all-stars from your garden

Save money and get super health benefits by growing your own herbs. It’s so easy you’ll want to plant them in every nook and cranny! Learn to cultivate patchwork plots indoors and out with You Can Garden Anywhere: 1,317 Quick & Easy Gardening Tips the Experts Don’t Want You to Know. Not only do herbs add a beautiful, natural element to your garden or home, but they make it easy to embrace a healthy living lifestyle.

Pond in a pot: water gardening tips for a peaceful backyard

Just looking at a body of water is enough to send most people to paradise. There’s something about the sparkle of light or the wind ruffling the surface that brings instant calm and relaxation. But not everyone can live lakeside or by the ocean. And not everyone wants the expense of a swimming pool. The perfect solution? A water garden.

Spring planting essentials — top 7 gardening tasks to do right now

Planting a garden this spring but have limited time to prepare? Whether you want to grow vegetables or flowers, following these steps will almost guarantee you gorgeous greens (and reds and violets and more).

Bananas — the perfect fruit to soothe diarrhea

bananas sooth diarrhea
Bananas are often described as the ideal food. They have no fat, cholesterol, or sodium, but are full of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6, folate, potassium, and complex carbohydrates. A banana is simple to digest, which makes it easy on the stomach and a favorite food for babies and seniors. It’s also a great remedy for heartburn and acid indigestion.