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Eat Fish to Boost Your Overall Health!

Food is powerful! And there’s one food that can slash your risk of diabetes, heart problems, and over 15 other ailments! Click “Read More” to learn what it is, and how it can help you!

Top Foods that Fight Diabetes!

Some foods can cause diabetes when you eat too much of them … but there are some delicious foods that can help prevent diabetes when you include more in your diet! Click “Read More” to discover what they are.

Super Snacks That Outsmart Sugar Cravings!

Simple, delicious foods that will help you sidestep your sugar cravings just in time for summer!

Sprinkle on this spice to slash blood sugar!

It controls blood sugar, cuts triglycerides, even lowers "bad" cholesterol.  But it's not a drug ... it's a spice — and probably in your pantry right now! 

Drop blood sugar levels like a lead balloon!

The same remedy many folks use for constipation also helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Learn how psyllium can knock out diabetes!