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Get Active and Get Healthy for Active Aging Week

Active Aging Week begins October 4, and it’s your chance to get up, get moving, and get healthy.  Take time this week to renew your physical, mental, and social health.

4 Ways Your Mindset Affects Your Brain Health

Embracing the good things in life is one way you can live a healthier life. Positivity is more than perspective — it brings along a boatload of brain benefits.

Cantaloupe and Cookouts

Eat this and improve your eyesight! A cool slice of cantaloupe on a hot July day is just the ticket for a tasty, healthy, snack or dessert.  They’re also one of those rare foods that not only taste great, but they’re good for you, too!

A Summer Garden Guide to Tasty Tomatoes

Plant these to keep the pests away! Nothing says summer like a vine-ripened tomato.  And if you grow your own, you’re sure to have all you can eat — and more!

What’s Really “Organic?”

If the label says “organic,” does that mean it’s healthy?