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Paper Trail Confidential

What to keep, what to shred, and everything in between.  Does your file cabinet look like a pack rat has turned it into his home sweet home? It’s difficult to decide what you need to keep — and what you can put through the shredder. Unravel the rat’s nest and make sense out of all the confusion by following these tips to organize your important records the easy way. Send that rat packing, once and for all. 

5 Ways to Lighten Your Load

Packing light is not only smart, but it can save you money. Airlines that once allowed two checked bags per person now charge extra for more than one, not to mention the chances that checked luggage will get lost and cost a small fortune to replace. Lighten your load the next time you travel with these tips.

Tackle Stains Without Pricey Spot Removers

Look around your house and chances are you’ve got everything you need to fight stains within reach. But first, check the garment’s label. If it says “dry clean only,” don’t attempt to remove a stain. Take it to the cleaners and pay a professional to tackle it. Otherwise, squelch stains using the following guidelines, then follow the garment’s laundry instructions.

Water Without Wasting a Drop

11 ways to save money on outdoor watering. The average household uses as much water outdoors as indoors, so you can make a big dent in your water bill by limiting the water used in your yard. Start with these tricks and tips.

Shortcuts to Success With Seeds

Planting can be dirt cheap.Who says you can’t grow money? A study by Burpee Seed Company found just $50 invested in seeds and fertilizer can produce $1,250 worth of groceries each year. Think about this. At the supermarket, a single pound of spinach will set you back $3.83. But for less than a dollar, you could buy seeds and grow up to 6 pounds of spinach. Check out these expert tips to learn how gardening from seed helps you cash in on crops.