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When It Comes To Pruning, Timing Is Everything!

July feels like the whole world is alive and growing, with the lawn and shrubs full of green foliage.  But before you get the urge to prune those gangly shrubs you’ve been meaning to shear, be sure that summer is the right time for pruning.

Simple solutions to make fleas flee

An infestation of fleas spells trouble not only for your pet but also the other members of your household. You can bring in the heavy-duty chemical team, but who wants to breathe in all those toxins?

Winning ways to ripen tomatoes

What’s black and white and red all over? Tomatoes wrapped in newspapers. All joking aside, this trick really works. Find out how your daily paper can make your tomatoes better.

3 terrific non-toxic ways to kill weeds

You wouldn’t expect a common household ingredient from your pantry to work like an expensive weedkiller, but white vinegar does. Just heat it up, pour it in a spray bottle, and take aim. It’s cheap, easy, and poison-free.

Don’t Let the Coronavirus Cause an Outbreak of Clutter!

Save empty tennis ball canisters to store loose objects like sewing bobbins, drill bits, or tie wraps.  Attach Velcro fasteners to the canisters and the other adhesive strip to a pegboard or wall to hang the containers.