Keep the Great Outdoors Outside ... But Within View!



There’s nothing better than to throw open the doors and windows on an unseasonably cool summer night.  Door and window screens let the fresh air in while keeping bugs at bay.

But what if your screen snags or develops a hole?

Don’t trash your screen just yet.  Here are two potential quick fixes:

  • Small holes in a screen can easily be patched using a few thin coats of clear nail polish. Dab it on lightly, letting it dry between coats. This will prevent clumping and dripping, and make the repair job almost invisible.

  • If you have some extra screening on hand, you can repair a small hole in a screen by gluing a small piece of screening over the hole. Use a permanent, waterproof glue that dries clear.

Looking for more quick solutions to repair, clean, or do most anything better, cheaper, and simpler?  Check out Fix It, Clean It, And Make It Last!

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      • FC&A Staff Writer