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Keep Your Memory Sharp as a Tack!

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, known as NSAIDs, have long been the go-to remedy for OA pain. But maybe they shouldn't be.

Keep Your Memory Sharp as a Tack!

The secret to staying mentally alert as you age lies in what you eat, starting with herbs. That’s right, all-natural herbs can fight forgetfulness by triggering a brain chemical responsible for memory. Here are five herbs that you won’t want to forget!

Spiral garden gives herbs the perfect spot to grow

Spiral herb gardens became popular years ago when living a self-sufficient life became popular. This space-saving design allows sun-loving herbs to grow on one side and those that prefer more shade to grow on the shadier north side.

DIY salt scrub invigorates dry and tired skin

Get silky smooth skin with this homemade herbal skin exfoliating scrub. This recipe makes enough for one application.

6 Reasons you need to plant Hippocrates favorite herb

Did you know there is a plant that can attack atherosclerosis, clobber cholesterol, bring down blood pressure, banish bacteria, and crush blood clots? Plus it can keep aphids out of your garden.