Spiral garden gives herbs the perfect spot to grow



Spiral herb gardens became popular years ago when living a self-sufficient life became popular. This space-saving design allows sun-loving herbs to grow on one side and those that prefer more shade to grow on the shadier north side.

Constructing a spiral herb garden is relatively cheap and easy. And who can resist the creative spiral design?

What you need:

  • cardboard
  • fine gravel
  • bricks
  • stake with 3 feet of string tied to a lightweight piece of bamboo
  • organic matter such as mushroom compost, worm castings, straw, coconut coir, and mulch
  • organic compost
  • rock minerals and organic fertilizer
  • herb seedlings
  • rake and shovel


How to make it:

  1. Select a location. A flat spot that receives at least five hours a day of sunlight is best. Orient the bottom of your spiral on the northern side. This will allow you to place plants to meet their sun and water requirements.
  2. Bang the stake into the central part of your spiral. Stretch out the attached string and mark the circle. The average diameter is 6.25 feet or 3.25 feet from the center.
  3. If creating the spiral on a grassy or weedy area, you will need to kill the weeds first. Using cardboard is an inexpensive way to do it. Overlap the edges and fill in the entire circle. Soak the cardboard thoroughly.
  4. Cover the cardboard with several inches of fine gravel and rake it flat.
  5. Start laying bricks on the outside edge, working inwards. Leave a 1.5-foot width for planting as you make the spiral shape. Remember that your spiral’s outer wall is the lowest point and should increase as you reach the center of the spiral.
  6. Once you have the basic shape complete, begin adding organic materials and compost. Mix in some rock minerals and organic fertilizer as you go.
  7. Plant moisture-loving herbs at the bottom of the spiral. Plant those that are heat-loving at the top of the spiral.
  8. Water all plants well, and top with compost for a beautiful finished look.



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