Cheap landscape ideas that make a huge impact


Many people think landscape projects are hugely expensive and will drain their bank accounts. The good news is that many budget-friendly projects make a significant impact on your outdoor space. Here are a few to consider.

Create a pallet walkway.
No need to drop thousands of dollars on pavers when you can create a simple wooden walkway from pallet boards. Many stores will willingly part with pallets or allow you to purchase them cheap.

Be careful when disassembling the pallets. Once you have the pallet boards off the frame, cut them to size. Lay out your pathway, drill holes in either side of each pallet board, and use landscape spikes to nail them into the ground.

Divide your plants.
Dividing plants and spreading them out around your landscape is a cost-effective way to bring bursts of color to different areas. Identify which perennial plants are ready to be separated, and divide them between fall and early spring.

Add window boxes.
These cute additions to your house are super easy to make on your own. Or you can buy them and fill with your favorite seasonal beauties. You can even change the flowers out each season to add a new look to your landscape.

Play up natural elements.
Every landscape offers unique natural elements. Perhaps you have some water on your property, or large boulders, beautiful shade trees, or hilly terrain.

Take advantage of these elements that are already in place, and develop a beautiful landscape around them. For instance, if you have a stream, build or buy some simple benches and add wildlife feeders to create a quiet place to enjoy nature.

Large boulders make excellent focal points in gardens, and shade trees are the perfect covering for an outdoor dining or resting area.

Dress up your mailbox.
Mailboxes offer a unique opportunity to create a warm and welcome front landscape. Create a small bed with your favorite plants and outdoor decor items around your box. This fun weekend project won’t cost a fortune but has a huge impact on your curb appeal.


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