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3 Dangerous Habits You Must Stop Now

Do you write your PIN on your debit card? Have you ever left your smartphone unlocked? Would you throw your bank statements in the trash without shredding them first? Of course not. But nearly half the people worldwide do engage in at least one risky behavior that increases their odds of financial fraud. Here are three surprising habits you need to change so you won’t become a victim.

10 Smart (and easy) Ways to Slash Your Medical Bills

Medical bills can pile up quickly, leaving you trapped under a mountain of debt. These 10 tips can whittle that mountain down to a molehill. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t try.

The #1 Secret to a Richer Retirement

Does your retirement strategy involve researching your family tree looking for a long-lost, wealthy relative? “Life doesn’t work like that,” says one expert with a national brokerage firm. “I’ve been a financial advisor for 16 years, and I have seen one person get an unexpected inheritance. And yes — they did know the rich aunt.”

Your Phone Could Be a Life-Saver!

You’re walking down the street when you start feeling tightness in your chest. Then your head gets fuzzy. The next thing you know, the world is fading to black. What do you do?

14 Things You Never Knew Google Could Do

There's no bigger name on the Internet than Google! The word has even become a verb in the English language — "Let me Google that." 

Many people think of Google as a place to answer all of your tough questions, like “why did I get married?” and “how do I make my cat love me?” But Google can do much more than that. Park yourself at and try your hand at these cool features.