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Smart speakers and their digital voice assistants are increasingly popular. Simply ask them a question or give them a command, and they will do your bidding. No more searching online for current weather conditions or the hours of your favorite restaurant.

And they can do so much more. They set reminders, play music, tune in to radio stations, provide a daily news update, connect to a smart TV to control your programs, control smart home devices such as lighting and heating, and even enable online shopping just with voice commands.

You can even add skills and actions to make them more productive, similar to downloading new apps to your tablet or smartphone.

The three main digital smart speakers are made by the three biggest names in tech. Here’s how they measure up ...

Alexa. Amazon’s digital voice assistant is used with the Echo range of smart speakers, which come in various sizes and can perform different tasks. For instance, the Echo Show has a screen that can be used to make video calls, and also view movies and TV shows from a streaming service such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix.

Google Assistant. This is Google’s digital voice assistant that is used with the Google Home smart speaker. In addition to the standard model, there is also a Google Home Mini version, so the system can be used in different rooms around the home.

Siri. Apple’s digital voice assistant operates with the HomePod smart speaker. This is the most expensive of the three smart speakers and, like the other two, it has excellent sound quality.


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