Ready to Buy a Computer? 5 Thinks to Think About


Don’t rush out to buy a computer until you’ve done your homework.  Consider these key factors first ...

Identify what you need it for. Work out what you want to do with your computer, and then look for one that matches these requirements.

New or refurbished? Although it is always tempting to go for a new, shiny device, have a look at used or refurbished ones, too. You may just find a bargain.

Pay attention to screen size. Find a device that is large enough for tasks such as video chatting and watching movies and TV shows, but small enough to still be portable.

Look at peripherals. Check how many slots there are for items such as attaching USB devices. The more slots the better.

Check battery life. For mobile devices, check the battery life for performing tasks when it is not plugged into the main power, and also how long it takes to recharge.


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  • FC&A Staff Writer