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Never Forget Another Name!

You know their face, their name is on the tip of your tongue, but it just won’t come to you. How embarrassing! Next time, just use these steps created by a USA memory champion. You’ll never forget a name again! Click “Read More” to learn the process.

Want to Be Stronger and Live Longer? Use the Opposite Hand

We’ve found lots of different ways to strengthen your brain.  And some of them are very simple.  You can practice one of the most effective strategies every time you brush your teeth.

What you drink affects how you think!

Sugary, bubbly sodas taste great, but they’re bad news for your brain.

3 Foods That Help Maximize Your Memory


Just 9% of Americans get their recommended 2 to 3 cups of vegetables per day. Vegetables are important sources of fiber, minerals, and vitamins, and they’re generally low in calories.