Never Forget Another Name!



It’s so embarrassing. You know the face, but you can’t for the life of you recall the name. Sound familiar?

Well, forget that! USA Memory Champion Nelson Dellis has come up with a surefire, if odd, way to remember any name.

  • Before you ask for the name, look for something distinctive about their face. It could be freckles, uneven eyebrows, a full mouth ... anything!
  • Ask their name, and pay attention to the answer. Repeat it out loud to make sure you’ve got it right. “Your name is Jimmy? Hi, I’m Mary.”
  • Link the name and the feature visually in your head. The stranger the link, the better! For example, if Jimmy has red hair, it might remind you of strawberry jam. Jammy Jimmy. Sounds silly, but it really works!

Want to remember an important address or a list? Just do this one weird, but quick, thing with your eyes. Look for it on page 235 of Your Brain and Body Answer Book. Don’t forget, now!

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  • FC&A Staff Writer