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3 Ways to Make Some of Your Property Taxes Disappear

Did you know you can eliminate some of your property taxes? It’s true. Certain government programs help senior citizens face down this bill. Here’s how to get in on the deal.


4 Fixes to Boost Your Credit Score Over the Long Haul

Don’t be late for your very important dates. Paying all of your bills on time is essential to a good credit score.

Get Your Meds Filled for Free to Keep Cash in Your Pocket

More than half of seniors take at least four medications every day. Those costs can really add up. But believe it or not, you can get free prescription drugs. You just need to know where to look.

29 secrets for holding a successful garage sale

Are you ready to stop hoarding all that stuff around your house and turn it into cash? Then you’re ready for a yard sale!

Shortcuts to Success With Seeds

Planting can be dirt cheap.Who says you can’t grow money? A study by Burpee Seed Company found just $50 invested in seeds and fertilizer can produce $1,250 worth of groceries each year. Think about this. At the supermarket, a single pound of spinach will set you back $3.83. But for less than a dollar, you could buy seeds and grow up to 6 pounds of spinach. Check out these expert tips to learn how gardening from seed helps you cash in on crops.