Keep Your Memory Sharp as a Tack!





Before you pop a pill, give all-natural remedies a try. These herbs could be the boost your brain needs!

  • Peppermint. Drinking this delightfully aromatic tea not only makes you feel chipper, it helps your working and long-term memory, found a British study. So if you want to keep your mind razor-sharp throughout the day, enjoy a spot of peppermint tea at 9 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, and 7 at night.

  • Sage. Take sage oil supplements or a whiff of this perennial herb and you’ll boost your mood and your memory. Scientists think sage works not only as a powerful antioxidant, but also by triggering the release of acetylcholine, a natural brain chemical used by nerve cells to send signals to other cells.

  • Cinnamon. This super versatile spice improved the working memory of people over age 60 with prediabetes, shows a study published in the journal Nutrition Research. Ground cinnamon also prompted mice who were “poor learners” to have better recall by actually boosting levels of brain chemicals responsible for memories and decreasing other chemicals that interfere with brain function.

  • Rosemary. Filling your house with the sweet fragrance of rosemary oil could help you recall past events and help you remember to carry out future plans. That’s what a small study out of the United Kingdom discovered. Experts believe a compound that gives rosemary its scent triggers a brain chemical responsible for memory.

  • Clove. Herbalists believe cloves contain the power to battle memory loss as well as a host of other ailments like depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Try adding cloves to your tea or to your favorite soups and stews. Or simply enjoy the fragrance!



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