Kick Bad Odors to the Curb, Naturally!



Research shows that certain chemicals found in air fresheners and household deodorizers may harm your lungs. Keep your family safe by using these natural products that have been used for generations to freshen the air.

    1. Coffee grounds. Save up several days’ worth of used coffee grounds, spread them on a baking sheet, and dry in your oven on low heat. Place them in the fridge or make a sachet and stick them in stinky shoes to absorb odors.
    2. It’s as simple as setting a pan of water on the stove and dropping in some cloves or cinnamon sticks to simmer. Your whole house will smell fabulous!
    3. Rub a lemon slice on your cutting board after slicing onions, or toss it down the garbage disposal to freshen up your sink!
    4. Place a dish filled with this pantry staple near the stove while you boil cabbage or dry fish to prevent stinking up the house. You can even add it to your laundry to deodorize stinky clothes too.

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      • FC&A Staff Writer