10 Smart (and easy) Ways to Slash Your Medical Bills

Medical bills can pile up quickly, leaving you trapped under a mountain of debt. These 10 tips can whittle that mountain down to a molehill. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t try.

The #1 Secret to a Richer Retirement

Does your retirement strategy involve researching your family tree looking for a long-lost, wealthy relative? “Life doesn’t work like that,” says one expert with a national brokerage firm. “I’ve been a financial advisor for 16 years, and I have seen one person get an unexpected inheritance. And yes — they did know the rich aunt.”

Relieving Stress

In times of stress, we most need reassurance that we can be victorious over our worries and fears with a simple thing called faith.
  • FC&A Staff Writer

Lookin’ for Joy

When we’re having one of those days when things aren’t going right, remember this secret — joy isn’t found in the having; it’s found only in the source of joy that leads to contentment and happiness. 
  • FC&A Staff Writer

True Hope

Life can bring us moments of sorrow, and pain. But we can look to tomorrow and know our life can change from one of despair and disappointment into one of hope.
  • FC&A Staff Writer