Uncommon Solutions to Common Everyday Problems

Product Description

It’s that perfect “Aha!” moment we all get when the solution to a problem suddenly hits us. An accidental discovery, a hint from a friend, or simply using something we already have in a different way can make the difference between frustration and success.

Adapt some of these uncommon solutions for all kinds of everyday problems!

  • Ants hate this scent ... but you will love it and how it keeps them out of your kitchen!
  • The 5 cleaning products you should never be without ... they cost less than $10!
  • 12 senior discounts you’ve never heard of, and some retailers hope you don’t find out.

From the kitchen to the bathroom to the garden, you’ll know just what to do — and save money, too! Pick up Uncommon Solutions to Common Everyday Problems and have your "Aha!" moment today! 

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ISBN: 978-1-935574-60-6

$ 12.99