"What you Should

  NEVER Put in Your Will!"

 (By Frank K. Wood)

    If you want to enjoy a carefree retirement, get all the senior discounts you’re entitled to, make the most of Social Security, reduce your medical costs, and slash your taxes, you need Sitting Pretty on a Fixed Income: 1,001 Personal Finance Secrets for Seniors, an informative new book just released to the public by FC&A Publishing® in Peachtree City, Georgia.

    You’ll be amazed at how you can trim your grocery bill without buying less food, grow your savings like crazy, prevent identity theft, and much more!

    The authors provide many helpful tips with full explanations.

Would you like to have the power company pay you? Who wouldn’t!

• The tax credit that’s so hush-hush, 70% of folks don’t even know it exists!

• Stolen identity can destroy your life! The #1 way to put the freeze on ID thieves!

• Get everything you deserve from Social Security. 5 easy-to-miss provisions!

• Prescription eyeglasses for just 8 bucks? You bet! No matter where you live.

• Could you really cut your grocery bill in half? Yes ... if you know this sneaky secret.

• When you should never write checks with a pen! Find out why it could cost you your life savings — it’s no joke!

• You’re entitled to a “benefits checkup.” It’s free (you’ve already paid for it)!

• The simple tip that will keep most cars on the road for 200,000 miles!

• A nickel-and-dime approach to successful retirement! Where to go for senior discounts, bargains, and money-saving services.

• Want your bank to pay you more? The 7 fees you could dodge!

• Caution! 6 things you can’t give away in a will!

• Never pay full price for a hotel room. Know who to call and what to ask, and you may get up to 50% off.

• Medicare will pay — 100%. Don’t bypass these free services!

• Seniors: How a small investment of your time could totally eliminate your property taxes.

• Cut your car insurance costs by as much as 30%! Become an insurance insider.

• Save hundreds on your energy bill ... with a spray can!

• 4 ways to pay less for utilities!

• FREE for seniors! No matter what your income, services like legal assistance, home repair — even housekeeping chores.

• 10 ways to lower the amount due on your medical bills.

• Make extra money every month! It’s easier than you think.

• First-rate groceries at discount prices! The retailer secret that can save you 30% or more!

• 7 common medical services you may not need!

• Pssst. Want to know a secret? How about these tax-saving secrets for seniors that you’ll never hear from the government!

• Could you be a victim of identity theft? 5 places to check so you can rest easy.

• Are you missing out on free money? Find out what your share may be!

• The most important documents you need to protect your estate. Why a will is simply not enough!

• You can get a free eye exam and eyeglasses once a year. Find out how.

• The one question to ask your doctor that could save you money on a medical procedure!

• Forget about Medicare limitations. This little-known program could pay all your hospital and nursing home care.

• How to get a new car, at the best price!

• Who says it’s too expensive to travel? Where to find vacations and accommodations for bargain prices!

• Cut your prescription medicine costs with these 6 clever (and perfectly legal) tricks.

• All kinds of free stuff! Surf to the websites that give the skinny on freebies and coupons for just about everything.

• How to get discounted dental work, even if insurance and Medicare won’t cover it!

• Freeze out credit fraud! A great way to block criminals from ruining your good credit.

• How to save hundreds a year on your bills with a simple phone call.

• End Medicare confusion. Learn when to enroll, how it helps, and what costs to expect.

• 5 maintenance rip-offs your car doesn’t need. Save up to $400.

• 7 home insurance discounts you must ask your agent about!

• More than 2 million seniors qualify, but don’t take advantage. Save $529 each year!

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