The Mission of FC&A …
is to develop long-term customers and associates by providing excellent products and services profitably, within a framework of Christian values, through the media of quality publishing and advertising.

Our FC&A Operating Philosophy includes these values, standards, and purposes upon which we desire to base our daily decisions:

  • To please God in everything we do. To give God credit for our success. To share God’s good news with everyone. To treat others as we would like to be treated.
  • To provide good and useful services and products to our customers. To answer complaints and make refunds promptly and courteously. To improve our products and services after listening to our customers and counselors. To deal courteously and fairly with our business contacts.
  • To be thoughtful, prayerful and to seek counsel about our activities, including new areas of activity and business.
  • To strive to do our best. To cut costs, work hard, seek to increase business and, in general, to be good managers of the income and property which God has entrusted to us, while not viewing ourselves as more worthy than others.
  • To provide a working atmosphere of trust and mutual confidence where we share our burdens and help and encourage and sometimes admonish each other.
  • To provide employment, wages and benefits comparable to or better than what most other companies in our community provide for similar work. To provide extra benefits when business is good.

Our FC&A Motto: Focusing on Customers and Associates