Do What?!”

Just put it on your grocery list and put away the plunger, cap the toxic cleaners, AND wipe out weeds naturally!

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    If you want to boost your Social Security payouts, cut your cable bill, protect your identity, and learn hundreds of ways to live well on a fixed income, then you need Uncommon Solutions to Common Everyday Problems: Household How-Tos, Fix-Its, and Money-Savers, an informative new book just released to the public by FC&A Publishing® in Peachtree City, Georgia.

    You’ll be amazed at how you can lower your utility bills, clear clogged drains, and spend less on groceries — right now!

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  • • Know the law! Only these three must know your Social Security number.
  • • 12 senior discounts you’ve never heard of, and some retailers hope you don’t find out.
  • • Ants hate this scent ... but you will love it and how it keeps them out of your kitchen!
  • • How to stop identity thieves and get rid of a ton of junk mail with one phone call!
  • • The 5 cleaning products you should never be without ... they cost less than $10!
  • • Secrets to paying less for groceries, utilities, clothes, medications, and more!
  • • Forget monthly satellite or cable bills. Pay this once and watch TV forever!
  • • 9 documents you should never destroy!
  • • How to un-fix your income — hundreds of ways to make extra money ... after you retire!
  • • 12 simple ways to cut your water bill every month.
  • • Why scrub and scrub your toilet and tub, when you can just spray and walk away?
  • • Are you breathing in mold ... or something worse? This beautiful plant removed 78% of airborne mold and 94% of ... you won’t believe it ‘til you read it.
  • • A self-cleaning toilet bowl? This white vinegar formula makes any toilet automatically spick and span.
  • • Free for seniors! No matter what your income, services like legal assistance, home repair — even housekeeping chores can be yours at no cost.
  • • Are you ever torn between keeping things or giving them away or selling them? Simple one-step process will answer that question for you every time!
  • • The one cleaning tip you can’t live without. You’ll always have a clean house if you follow this advice.
  • • You want to get rid of the clutter, but yard sales are so much work! How to move the stuff out without the hassle of a sale ... and you still make money!
  • • Have the power company pay you! You heard right! The secret program that rewards you with money.
  • • Avoid identity theft and scams. Surprising information exposes the one crook you’d never suspect!
  • • Clear clogged drains with this 3-ingredient drain opener. Won’t damage pipes, either!
  • • Pay less for groceries! Money-saving tips could save you as much as $1,000 a year!
  • • 6 simple steps that can save you up to $700 a year on utilities!
  • • Look for this before giving your credit card number online.
  • • 15 surprising businesses that offer senior discounts. The downside? They won’t give you the lower price unless you ask!
  • • You can end most unwanted telephone sales calls by doing this one easy thing. If they keep calling, there are 6 ways to make them wish they’d never dialed your number!
  • • One 3-minute thing you can do can save you more than $1,000 a year. That’s like getting paid $54 an hour for your time!
  • • Never ever pay full price for anything. Experts reveal the secret to finding the lowest price on thousands of products.
  • • The simple, inexpensive part in your water heater you should be replacing every 3 or 4 years ... and it’ll make your heater last years longer!
  • • Would you like an extra $300 ... $500 ... even $1000 a month? 17 moneymakers you can do in your spare time — and 3 you shouldn’t waste your time on.
  • • Don’t leave home without these 10 essential items to keep in your car. Could prevent a major disaster!
  • • Mailbox clogged by unwanted catalogs? Surefire way to stay off their mailing lists for good!
  • • 7 ways to clean your house quicker ... use the extra time to do, well, anything else!
  • • You could save more money on your power and water bill than you think! Use these 12 simple tips to put the most cash back in your pocket.
  • • The source of most of the dust in your home. And how you can reduce it!
  • • 6 ways to thwart parking lot thieves. They won’t be breaking into your car!
  • • Eat like a king — save like a pauper! 8 tips to dine out in style without spending a fortune.
  • • 9 smart ways to stop ID thieves dead in their tracks.
  • • Security secrets! Avoiding identity theft, scams, rip-offs, and other money cheats.
  • • Don’t waste money on an expensive bug zapper to keep mosquitoes out of your yard. Do this for free instead.
  • • The best way to select the best buys at the grocery store! Plus, the shopping secret that will shock you!
  • • A fogged windshield can cost you your life! Think about it. Here’s the item to carry in your glove box to remove the haze instantly. It’s unusual, but inexpensive — and it works!
  • • Junk mail — get rid of it quickly and easily with this one easy step.

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