Scam Alerts

From phony emails to bogus charities to those annoying telemarketers who always seem to call at dinnertime, it seems like scams are everywhere nowadays.


But we're here to help! Check this page often to lear which frauds are making the rounds. When we find a scam, we'll post the details right here. So you can be on the lookout and you (and your money) can stay safe and secure.


And always remember, the #1 rule to protect your privacy:  Never share any personal information via phone, email, or text unless you contacted the other person first.


It's just another way FC&A is looking out for you, our valued customers.



Scammers are impersonating FTC Chair Lina Khan in a new phishing scheme. The email says the FTC wants to send you Coronavirus relief funds and tells you to send some personal information, like your name, address, and date of birth. The FTC is not distributing Coronavirus economic stimulus or relief money to people. The email is a scam. Don’t reply.