iPhone®, Windows® 10, and Facebook® Made Easy

Product Description

Discover how you can master computers and the latest gadgets — cellphones, tablets, and more — cheaply and easily! 

  • Is your computer slow as molasses?  5 ways to speed it up.  Page 99.
  • 5 basic keystrokes everyone should use (but few even know about!) Page 110.
  • What safety features are hiding on your phone?  Finding out could save your life! Page 171.

This book shows you — in plain English — slick computing tricks for PCs and Macs, how to protect your privacy and security, new ways to watch TV without paying a fortune, secrets to taking control of your online life, and so much more!

Previously titled Technology Made Easy.

ISBN: 978-1-935574-44-6

384 pages

$ 32.00