How-Tos, Fix-Its, and Money-Savers: How to hang a picture right the first time



Hanging picture frames seems so simple. So why are they always crooked? Now you can hang them right the first time — straight as an arrow, and perfectly centered. All you need is a little know-how! And you’ve found it, right here!

It’s that perfect “Aha!” moment we all get when the solution to a problem suddenly hits us. An accidental discovery, a hint from a friend, or simply using something we already have in a different way can make the difference between frustration and success. Adapt some of these uncommon solutions for all kinds of everyday problems!

- Is your iron coated with starch or residue? Break out the aluminum foil! Page 19

- Do you have road tar on the side of your vehicle? Just reach for the mayonnaise! Page 35

- Tired of battling clingy pet hair during your cleaning routine? Fight the static with fabric softener! Page 58

From the kitchen to the bathroom to the garden, you’ll know just what to do — and save money, too! Pick up Uncommon Solutions to Common Everyday Problems and have your "Aha!" moment today!




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