Healthy Heart Handbook, The

Healthy Heart Handbook, The
Product Description

Discover literally HUNDREDS of new and proven natural ways to keep hearts healthy and scrub arteries clean!

Worried about heart disease?

Your doctor has probably told you to eat better, exercise, and lose some weight. But this treasury of tips does what your doctor won’t: Explains how to do all these things naturally – with no confusing doctor-speak!

Learn about all the delicious foods, beverages, spices, seasoning (and even desserts!) that can help you reduce heart disease risk:

  • Slash your cholesterol with apples,
  • Drop your blood pressure with tea,
  • Banish the belly fat at breakfast, and so much more!

Start now and you’ll be amazed at how great you’ll feel!

Hard Cover ISBN: 978-1-932470-74-1

Soft Cover ISBN: 978-1-935574-04-0

400 pages

$ 12.99