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Your handy guide to the gardening tools every gardener should have

Stroll into any garden center, and you're bombarded with an array of tools. So, before you walk out with the wrong tools - or none at all - check out our tool guide for beginners and master gardeners!

End mosquito mayhem in your outdoor spaces

Nothing can ruin outdoor fun quicker than mosquito party crashers. They buzz and bite and send people running. Even worse, they carry diseases. Try these expert tips to put an end to mosquito mayhem so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces once again.

Entice purple martins for powerful pest control

How To Grow Just About Everything
You may not be familiar with the purple martin, but this is one beautiful bird you want in your yard. In fact you want a lot of them. These hungry flyers gobble up thousands of insects each day.

How to create a dragonfly paradise — and why you should

Did you know that dragonflies eat mosquitoes, houseflies, and gnats? They’re one insect you definitely want to keep around. Here’s how to attract these beauties to your yard.

Top 5 tricks for a low-maintenance landscape

If you love a beautiful outdoor living space but are short on time or energy, here are some tricks to keep your landscape appealing and low maintenance at the same time.