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5 Simple Steps That Can Save You Hundreds on Utilities!

Did you know that turning up your heat by one little degree can increase your heating costs for the winter by 3%? So imagine your savings when you turn it down just 3 degrees! 
 changes like that can add up to big savings on your monthly bills in the long run.

Pond in a pot: water gardening tips for a peaceful backyard

Just looking at a body of water is enough to send most people to paradise. There’s something about the sparkle of light or the wind ruffling the surface that brings instant calm and relaxation. But not everyone can live lakeside or by the ocean. And not everyone wants the expense of a swimming pool. The perfect solution? A water garden.

Spring planting essentials — top 7 gardening tasks to do right now

Planting a garden this spring but have limited time to prepare? Whether you want to grow vegetables or flowers, following these steps will almost guarantee you gorgeous greens (and reds and violets and more).