5 Simple Steps That Can Save You Hundreds on Utilities!



Did you know that turning up your heat by one little degree can increase your heating costs for the winter by 3%? So imagine your savings when you turn it down just 3 degrees! Little changes like that can add up to big savings on your monthly bills in the long run. Here are 4 more tips you may not know:


Set your water heater temperature between
110 and 120 degrees. It could save you up
to $40 per year!



Cooking food in your microwave costs
50% less than cooking in your oven. And
that can mean a $50 savings in just one year!



You can save up to $125 per year just
by running full loads of laundry instead
of smaller loads.



Stop paying for movie channels — drop the
cable service or switch to basic. Then rent
movies from Netflix or check them out from the library. 
You could save a whopping $265 a year or more! 


And if you want to save even more money on your monthly bills, you must avoid the three expensive energy mistakes revealed on page 343 of Uncommon Solutions to Common Everyday Problems.



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